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The Salad Mix – a selection of salad leaves to grow and eat!

Seeds include mustard (red AND green), kale, cress and salad rocket.  Suitable for window boxes and pots so can be in easy reach of the kitchen, a lot of the salad mix you can harvest to eat and then watch it grow back for another round of grub. Yum!

Each little seedball comprises approximately 30 seeds (and there are quite a few seedballs in each tin!)

Every seed is wrapped in a ball of clay and a little peat-free compost. A dash of chilli powder helps protect the seeds from birds and other pests. This little ball gives the seeds everything they need to germinate, except heat and water.

And this is where the beautiful part comes in – you can apply heat and water yourself to help the seeds in seedballs to grow, or you can just throw them onto bare soil somewhere and let the natural sunshine and life-giving rain do the job of coaxing the plants into life for you.

Brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Probably the only truly easy way to garden, you don’t even plant the seedballs, just scatter on top of soil or compost and let nature take its course.

For best results, scatter between spring to summer.

Mustard (Red Frills), Brassica juncea
Mustard (Green Frills), Brassica juncea
Kale (Red Russian), Brassica oleracea
Cress (Greek), Lepidium sativum
Salad Rocket (Dentellata), Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa
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