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Brand new for Christmas 2016 at the Modern Mint Shop – the Catapult!

We love this product – why? Because it reminds us of the silly things we got up to in childhood (aaah, nostalgia!) but most importantly these are all individual and unique.

Buckinghamshire craftsman Geoff creates pieces that have a profound connection with the woodlands that surround his studio in High Wycombe.

Using traditional woodworking techniques, twigs and branches obtained from nearby woods are transformed into characterful, handcrafted objects like this catapult. Could this be the perfect gift for the children (both big and small?) at home?

Rich in natural texture, each catapult is as pleasing to view and hold as it is functional. So even if you don’t use it, it will still look like a piece of art.

Each catapult is made from unprepared wood that is wholly sustainable in origin, sourced from fallen trees or as a by-product of the coppicing process. The natural irregularities of the materials used and the meticulous handcrafting process combine to ensure that each one is entirely unique.

This catapult is an ingenious version of a traditional toy. Like any catapult, it should be used with care.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this product and the natural materials used, each one will vary slightly in form, shape and size. But that is what makes it so cool don’t you think?

17w x 3d x 24.5h cm

Can we recommend you use it with seedballs? As we mentioned above, please be careful with this toy, and so if you are going out to cause some mischief we would rather you did it in guerrilla gardening style – so grab yourself a tin or two of seedballs, add this catapult to your shopping cart and get out there and share the wildflower love!

Safety Guidelines: 

Customers are reminded to take caution whilst using this product. Catapults should never be aimed at people or animals! Whilst the catapult is designed for recreational use, it is extremely powerful and can cause injury and damage if used irresponsibly. Please ensure that all children are supervised whilst using the product.

Use this catapult for sending wildflower seeds into empty areas that need the flowers please….

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