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Tobisho Topiary Shears for the pruner who wants the best!

I am refreshing my tool bag, so my pair of these rare, handmade shears for boxwood pruning are available for you to buy. Well-looked after, obviously, as I use them through the boxwood clipping season to make organic shapes like this….

Details Of The Tobisho Topiary Shears

  • All 14 parts hand forged by Master Tobisho in Japan
  • Yasuki carbon steel – finest ‘blue’ steel
  • Lightweight magnolia handles
  • 71cm length
  • 20cm blades
  • Blades are curved, almost like two samurai swords bolted together, for clipping more organic shapes

The best quality steel available has been used for these shears. They are a work of art!

tobisho topiary shears

Beautifully balanced and light, the curve in the blade stops leaf resin building up on the insides as you clip because they only ever make contact with each other at the point of cutting.

Use only for boxwood clipping, especially if doing cloud pruning work or less formal shapes.

Not a tool for everyone, only the tool nerd or the boxwood clipping maniac.

I have had for about 6 years, used each season for my boxwood work and I love them dearly. The waiting list for a new pair is long and the numbers made each year small, so these are special even second hand.

The noise they make when you clip properly is divine, the swish of sharp steel slicing the air and the tap tap tap of the magnolia handles meeting.

This is an heirloom tool, to be cherished, so please don’t bash them around or forget to oil them.

Price includes:

1 x Second Hand Tobisho Shears

1 x Camellia Oil for cleaning and preventing rust

1 x Set Of Recommended Sharpening Stones For This Steel, Second Hand But Perfect For Use

The Camellia Oil and Sharpening Stones are worth around £50 new.

I originally got mine from Jake Hobson at Niwaki. He stocks a few brand new at £499 if you want to see, they really are special and he loves them too… as does anyone who uses them.

Contact me with questions about these Tobisho topiary shears!

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