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Taira Kibasami Snips for the pruner who wants the best!

I am refreshing my tool bag, so my pair of these rare, handmade snips are available for you to buy.

taira snips second hand

Details Of The Taira Kibasami Snips

  • Shirogami white paper steel blades laminated by hand
  • Forged by Taira San in his tiny forge in Sanjo, Japan
  • Snips stripped down to the basics
  • Original cost around £139
  • Design of the handles force you to treat pruning as a meditation

I bought these on recommendation from Jake Hobson at Niwaki, who says –

“Taira San forges these minimalist pruning scissors in his tiny forge in Sanjo the way he always has, hand laminating Shirogami white paper steel blades to the softer jigane handles.

Popular among younger gardeners, whilst they may not be as user friendly as other options, they connect you closer to the tree than anything else out there, and demand a certain discipline and focus that some find appealing.”

The discipline and focus come from them having no handles, so you have to hold in a way that forces you to think about every cut.

I use in the house because they are strong and the blades are long enough to get in and choose each individual stem or leaf, so the houseplants look well-cared for when I’m done.

Definitely for tool nerds, those who love beautiful items and keen pruning enthusiasts.

These are my pair that I have had for a couple of years, but clean and smart and sharp, they are heirloom tools to be kept for a long time!



Contact me with questions about these Taira Kibasami Snips!

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