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Sharpening Stone From Japan

A sharpening stone is an essential piece of equipment. It will make sure your shears, secateurs and snips return to sharpness and allow you to continue cutting beautifully.

Most people don’t sharpen their tools. Honest.

So eventually, when the steel blunts, they no longer cut the branch or stem they want to cut but tear it instead. A tear is never better than a cut. (Watch Dara O’Briain to discover why that might be!) Blunt tools also mean you have to work harder, stressing joints because the steel no longer slices through the vegetation with ease.

Make sure you sharpen your tools. It is easy, if you follow the simple rules below…

How To Use The Sharpening Stone

This particular stone, which we get from Japan, is the best one for use with our Japanese pruning tools. It is soft, suiting the high quality steel we sell here. A knife sharpener will tear the steel, which is perfect for getting an edge on a poor quality tool, but no good for getting a beautiful edge on our good tools.

So this is rule number one…

  • If you want to use a sharpening stone, make sure your tools are made of decent steel.

Don’t bother buying this if you use tools from Poundland.

Ok. Now you have your shears or secateurs and you know the steel can be sharpened. What do you do next? You make sure you take heed of rule two…

  • Make sure the sharpening stone is wet. It is a whetstone, it has to be wet. So hold it under a tap for 30 seconds, or place it in a bowl of water until the bubbles stop bubbling. Simple, right?
  • Next, rub it gently along the bevelled edge of your blade. You can go up and down, or in small circles, but just rub gently. Yep. Gentle.
  • Finally you turn it over, where a burr will have grown on the backside of the blade. Wipe it away with your sharpening stone in one fluid movement.

The job is done. Really, it is that simple.

Make sure you have a tool with good quality steel, wet your stone, rub gently and wipe the backside. And you will have a tool that is as good as new in no time, so get your stone now!

You can also get a sharpening stone and secateurs together at a great value price here!

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