Sharpening Stone

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A whetstone – the only tool for sharpening DECENT steel, because it doesn’t tear the way a knife sharpener will. Remember though – you need a DECENT steel bade to use this on, and luckily you can get that from us… with our Japanese secateurs and shears!

Using the stone:

Make sure the stone is wet when you use it – we leave it in water for about five minutes to make sure it is soaked through, but running it under a tap will be sufficient too. A gentle rub along the blade will sharpen the edge you want sharpened. This take a little time, but is easy once you have a few attempts. Honest.

After sharpening the top of the blade all you need to do is turn the shears (or secateurs, or snips) over and wipe once along the back of the blade with the stone in order to remove the burr.

If you have a problem using the sharpening stone, you can always call us….

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