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Okatsune shears – they are my favourite tool to use in the garden. I urge you to buy a pair and join the club of ‘people who know what good shears are about.’

(Please note: I made this club up. There is nothing to join. No badges. No AGM. Nothing. But you should read more about them…. If you consider yourself any sort of a half decent gardener, you need a good pair… and the Okatsune are the best.)

Why Are These Shears So Good Then?

First of all, they are lightweight, with lovely long blades that balance nicely with the handles. This helps make pruning the shrubs and hedges in your garden a real pleasure. Although pruning is always a pleasure….

Hedges & Topiary Clipped By The Shears



Where Do I Use These Shears?

I use them in every garden I work in. Often all day through spring and summer.

Topiary Artist Darren Lerigo

Here Are More Photos Of The Shears In Use

Give Me Some Details About These Shears. I Want The Facts!

The steel blades have a hardness of 60-61 HRD, which for the tool buffs amongst you (and I know there are a lot!) is the blade hardness measured on the Rockwell Hardness C scale. The Japanese steel blades are tough and sharp.

Japanese pruning tools often have far fewer moving parts than tools you might get from a garden centre in the UK, which means there is less to go wrong with them. They concentrate on the essentials in the Far East – amazing blades, smooth handles, soft action.

The ‘clip clip clip’ noise you get as the handles meet is such a pleasant sound to hear. It also means you are using the shears just right, with a smooth and fluid clipping action, gracefully gliding across the hedge or shrub.

Darren Guardian Topiary

The length of these hedge pruners is 21″. The blade itself 8″. They weigh 800 well-balanced grams and are good all-rounders for detailed topiary work, or clipping hedges. The handles are made from Japanese Oak.

Will The Shears Stay Sharp?

For a long time, yes. But the beauty of them is that the steel is great, meaning when they blunt you can actually sharpen them up again. Back to the sharp edge they had the day you got them.

Try a whetstone from Okatsune for this sharpening job. Or get the whole kit and caboodle here!

Pruning is always made easier with a pair of Japanese shears. We hope you will buy some and enjoy them!

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