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Okatsune secateurs are the No. 1 choice for professional gardeners in Japan; made from high carbon steel they’re simple, sharp and strong.

I have been quoted as saying this about them…

“A bit of kit that Marie Kondo would approve of: simple, effective and capable of sparking joy time and time again.”

Read more about how these secateurs got voted number one in the Telegraph!

Why I Use These Secateurs

The reason I started using these secateurs is simple – I worked in a garden that had forty-five mature apple trees and nine mature pear trees, all in need of renovation over several years.

Each winter the work got easier, as I thinned branches and opened up the fruit trees to create a goblet shape for each one. But the work still involved long hours stood on a ladder in the freezing cold, moving nothing more than my fingers in order to cut the branches to the size I wanted them.

It got so cold I could never open the Felco’s, because they have that little clasp that you are suppose to flick open with your thumb. But when you can no longer feel your thumb because it is that cold, those secateurs just won’t do – work would stop as I removed gloves and wrestled with the locking mechanism.

So I tried the Okatsune, with their great big clasp at the bottom of the handle, to see if that made life easier.

It did.

I was still freezing cold, but at least I could open the secateurs sensibly and quickly.

Enjoying The Japanese Secateurs

The longer I used these secateurs the more I enjoyed them. I realised the steel is strong, the tools are light and the blade can be sharpened easily. Plus I love the spring, which looks almost like a nappy pin. It gives a really direct cutting action, sending all the energy straight through the blade and so making the pruning action feel great.

I think you will love using them, so buy now and give them a go!

You can even try the secateurs and whetstone as a great value set.

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