Left Handed Secateurs

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Left handed secateurs – from Japan, these are very special.

Hard wearing, heavy duty left handed secateurs for all-round use in the garden.

Where are these Left Handed Secateurs Made?


They are forged in Miki city in Hyogo, which is… oh, a good 2-3 week walk from Tokyo. Depending how quick you walk. Basically, it is something of a trek. (But then again, you may decide these left handed secateurs are worth it…)

They are forged from S58C carbon steel, with a solid, chunky catch at the bottom and a robust spring. The spring and clasp is just the way you love our (cheaper, but also amazing) Japanese secateurs for right handers.

These left handed secateurs combine great Japanese craftsmanship with tough, edge-retaining steel and a comfy grip for prolonged use. You are going to finally have a pair of secateurs you can use with ease – but will you have enough plants in the garden to prune?

These are ever so slightly heavier than our red and white handled secateurs, with a tougher feel to them – at this level, it’s down to small details and individual feeling. You really do get what you pay for.

A few more details of these secateurs:

A) They weigh in at 235 grams.

B) They are 20cm long (about 8 inches…)

C) The blades are the incredible S58C Carbon steel. Sharp. Don’t test how they cut on any digits you want to keep please.

Keep them sharp with our Japanese sharpening stone – you can buy that here. Want to know how to use it? Then go to this blog post (or get in touch with us on our contact page.)

You can also give them a little oil with the traditional Camellia Oil that they use to keep their tools in great condition in Japan. More information can be found on that by visiting our camellia oil page.

There you have it then – a wonderful new secateur for left handed people.

Buy once, buy well folks!

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