Camellia Oil

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Camellia oil is the best available for our secateurs and shears.

It is also the traditional oil used in Japan. We decided to try using it to combat rust and clean up our pruning tools a few years ago, then realised it really is beautiful to work with – 3 in 1 oil just seems so old hat now….


Tasteless (so can be used on kitchen knives, but PLEASE DON’T DRINK IT!)

Does not leave an ‘oily’ finish.

Comes in a 100ml bottle. One bottle should last you a long time. Unless you are prone to losing it in gardens, as we are…

Does actually come from the lovely garden shrub Camellia, but is the species oleifera. The species sinensis is the one we get tea from – what a useful plant!

Use Camellia Oil for all your pruning tools, and why not try it on the handles of your copper tools too?

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