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Camellia oil is the best oil available for using on our Japanese pruning tools. These tools include the shears, the secateurs, the topiary clippers (when they are available!) and the floral snips.

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Why, In Particular, Should You Use Camellia Oil?

It is the traditional oil used in Japan, made from Camellia oleifera seeds (the Camellia sinensis is the one we get tea from, but they are from the same family, right…) I decided to try using it to combat rust and also just to clean up my pruning tools.

Because that is the thing about buying good tools – you will enjoy using them so much you will want to look after them properly.

The Camellia Oil is beautiful to work with because it is:

  • Odourless
  • Tasteless (so it can be used on kitchen knives, but PLEASE DON’T DRINK IT!)
  • Does not leave an ‘oily’ finish
  • Helps clean your tools, removing any gunk on the blades from the clipping you do
  • Adds a protective coating so the tools won’t rust

Do You Need More Camellia Oil Details?

Okay then!

It comes in a 100ml bottle. One bottle should last you a long time (unless you are prone to losing things in the garden, as I am…) because you really don’t need to pour a huge amount of oil on the Japanese made blades. The bottle has a dropper top too, so it won’t just pour out uncontrolled and leave you with an empty bottle.


You can use 3 in 1 oil, of course. And if you have some of that in your garage, or left over in a bottle in your shed, I certainly encourage you to use it on your tools as adding oil is always going to help them last longer. But Camellia oil is traditional and lovely to use.

It just feels right when working with the Japanese pruning tools.

Topiary Artist Darren Lerigo

Look after your tools properly and make sure they last you a lifetime, by buying Camellia Oil to keep them rust free and clean.

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