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Outdoor life requires a hat that can hold up to the elements; sun, heat, rain, snow – and that’s just a normal spring in the UK! Our eco gardening hat can be used all year round, hand made in Brazil on the edge of the Amazonian rainforest. They are made using recycled Brazilian Truck Tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas in the North west to the south of Brazil along thousands of miles of unmade red dust laden tracks with rain, sun & dust ageing the material in a way that no factory could ever replicate. The material is then washed and prepared ready to be made into a fantastic looking hat just for you.

All of the hats have seen more weather than most of us might see in a lifetime and do not need any looking after and are ready for their next job of keeping the elements off of you whilst looking rather cool at the same time.

Every one of our hats is a one off, no two are the same. Every hat has its own unique character. They are made from various colours of materials,some may have patches,seams, repaired holes, or even Portuguese writing. These hats are hand crafted stitched and sewn by Brazilian villagers in the Amazonas region of Brazil, who all recieve fair living wages and good working conditions.

Because the tarpaulins were designed to protect its contents from the rough elements in Brazil, they make perfect covers to shield your cabeça (that’s head in Portuguese) from the hot summer sun. Every characteristic of your hat tells a story of its prior life lived as a lonely truck tarp and reveals its journeys through the harsh elements in equatorial Brazil. It will be more than ready to protect you from the UK weather come rain or shine.

If you are not too sure of your hat/head size? Find a flexible tape measure (not the metal kind!) and wrap it around your forehead, just above your eyebrows, then read the number where the tape overlaps itself. If you are in between sizes, go for the size up. Or grab yourself a hat reducer.

Hat Size Inches CM
X Small 21 – 21 1/4″ 53cm – 54cm
Small 21 3/4″ – 22 1/4″ 55cm – 56.5cm
Medium 22 1/2″ – 23″ 57cm – 58.5cm
Large 23 1/4″ – 23 1/2″ 59cm – 59.5cm
X Large 23  3/4″ 60cm – 60.5 cm
XX Large 24 – 24 1/2″ 61cm – 62cm
XXXLarge 25″ – 25 1/4″ 63cm – 64cm

You can also look proper Crocodile Dundee by buying a Hori Hori trowel to go with the hat!

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