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Skipping rope anyone? Another new Modern Mint product for heading towards Christmas 2016 is a skipping rope.

For children who want to play. For adults inspired by The Olympics in Rio who want to get fit…

Individually handmade, this ingenious take on the skipping rope features solid wooden handles and a green, red, yellow or blue rope. Please note that due to the natural irregularities in the wood as well as the hand-crafting process, each product will vary slightly.


280cm as standard.

The ethos behind this product is to create simple but beautiful items that utilize, rather than produce, waste.

Using traditional woodworking techniques, our man Geoff (who makes them) transforms twigs and branches obtained from nearby woods into these wonderful products, just for you. Rich in natural texture, each item is as pleasing to view and hold as it is functional.

The perfect item for Modern Mint, the perfect item for you, we hope…. try our skipping rope today!

(If you are a little more adventurous, perhaps of the Paleo Hunter type, then instead of a skipping rope you could always try our Catapult… better for shooting wildflower seeds than other people mind!)

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