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Laptop Brush at Modern Mint

Brand new this season is a laptop brush – and we are very excited about this!

We recently upgraded our laptop after the last one had a bug (it was an actual bug. The screen was cracked and this little bug got all up inside it and caught in the screen. Couldn’t tell if there was a full stop in a document or not… between that and it being 9 years old and incredibly slow, thought it was time for a new laptop…)

The new laptop was so much fun I had to use it while eating. You know when you eat around your keyboard and crumbs go into the key pad? Well, that kept happening (bugs, crumbs… what else can I spill inside this expensive hardware?!?) and so began the lookout for a laptop brush.

Please note: this can also be used as a pastry brush!

Of course, we couldn’t have any old laptop (pastry!) brush, could we?

This one is made from off cuts from trees that are being coppiced, so it is completely sustainable, hardwood.

Each product is unique and made by young Geoff in his studio in Buckinghamshire, who produces small volume pieces individually commissioned by independent retailers (like us at Modern Mint) or private clients. This means that everything is made to order according to individual requirements, but also means a high standard of designing manufacture can be maintained.

“The relationship between the appearance of the finished work and the way it is made is an important part of the design process as one thing can suggest the other. This in itself can produce a pleasing aesthetic but sometimes we want to own or give something that is both functional and elegant. If it is also well made we can feel confident that we are getting value for money provided acceptable standards of production are used.”

Allied to the fact it is made from a sustainable source of wood, that sounds like the perfect product for Modern Mint.

Enjoy your laptop brush, or pastry brush, or (insert name here) brush… we’re sure you can find another use for it…!

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