Dog Whistle with Lanyard


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What is a Lanyard we hear you Ask?

A lanyard is a rope or cord that goes around the neck to secure a whistle.

Oh alright, we knew you knew that one! It isn’t that unusual a word for the crowd we have here at Modern Mint, is it?

But what is unusual is how this particular whistle and lanyard are made…

Made in the UK

From unprepared wood that has either been found or is an off-cut from the act of coppicing

This makes each different piece individual – you will be buying something completely unique!

We wanted one of these for ages, so when the opportunity came to actually sell them too – we had to put the Modern Mint name to them.

The silliest thing of all though, is that we don’t even have a dog. (Yet….)

It’s very important to design things you don’t need.

Easy to say that about this dog whistle and lanyard. But if you do have a dog (or perhaps you are a football referee… or rugby ref… or a lifeguard… or just really love whistling?) then do pick up one of these beautiful products that are made here in the UK.