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Modern Mint can now send you the brand new edition of Weeds by the wonderful earth friendly gardener John Walker.

“A refreshing insight into some of our least popular plants.”

BBC Gardeners World Magazine

We have been a fan of John’s writing for awhile now, his voice a lively discussion starter on the ideas that pervade the gardening industry. It is through coming into contact with his ideas that we began to insist on our clients using peat free compost, a simple measure every gardener can take to change their gardening practises for the better.

We need a disrupter like John Walker, the earth friendly gardener.

Have You Read ‘Weeds’ Yet?

In his latest release – Weeds – John has given us a no-nonsense guide to dealing with a problem every gardener has – how to cope with weeds.

“This book remains grounded in realistic, practical gardening.”

In the book he teaches you invaluable knowledge about how weeds grow, spread and survive, so you can tackle them with ease. But what he also does is teach us how to use them for the benefit of your garden – what the weeds are telling you about your garden or allotment, how they can be used to improve soil fertility and best of all – how they can encourage wildlife.

We must say though, this is more than a book about getting rid of weeds (although the book does offer this advice, as well as over 100 full colour photographs illustrating what plants you may find in the garden, an enormous help for identifying if it is a weed or not…!) this book, along with all of John’s work, gets you thinking in a new way about what benefits different plants will give you in the garden and how the piece of earth you tend can, in its own way, make the world a better place.

Practical as well as thought provoking – it is the kind of wonderful product we want at Modern Mint, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you!

To learn more about John Walker, the earth friendly gardener, see an interview he gave us previously on the Modern Mint blog…

Earth Friendly Gardener Interview

Otherwise, add this book to the shopping cart now!

(And remember, this book would make a wonderful present too, if you have someone in mind who needs a little garden inspiration!)

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