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Manure Tea, our new 100% natural plant food!

This manure tea is perfect for gardeners with only a few indoor plants or small patio pots.

Each box contains 15 individual teabags.

Each teabag will make 1 litre of manure tea.

how manure tea helps


Manure Tea – Quick Facts

No antibiotics
No chemicals
No GM feed
Just natural goodness
No getting your hands dirty

What we love about this plant booster is it is 100% natural, made from horse manure. That means it is amazing for your plants (though not so good for you…)

How To Use Manure Tea

Pop one teabag into 1 litre of water, cover and leave to brew for 2 days. You may want to give it a little stir every now and then while it is brewing, to speed up the brew. The result is a rich, golden brown, liquid feed.

You can apply your brew with an ordinary watering can or give your plants a misting with a foliar spray.

Many plants absorb moisture through their leaves, so manure tea is a great way to give houseplants a nutrient boost.

Avoid storing any leftover tea for more than a couple of days. If you do need to hold some back then store it in a jar with a lid.

Give your own garden compost pile a nitrogen boost by pouring it directly onto the pile. Compost piles need nitrogen to balance out carbon items such as dried leaves and cardboard.

Once you have reused your teabag a couple of times you can just add it to your compost pile. You have a compost pile, don’t you? If not, just throw it under a hedge where it can rot down naturally.

That way nothing is wasted and the plants benefit.

We hope you love our 100% natural, easy to use manure tea plant booster!

(Or failing love for it, please remember it will make someone roar with laughter when you give it to them as a present. Poo. As a present. That has got to be worth it, right?)

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