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Modern Mint can now send you this fantastic book by one of our favourite gardening writers, earth friendly gardener John Walker.

Eco Garden was shortlisted for the Garden Media Guild Practical Book of the Year!

We have been a fan of John’s writing for awhile now, his voice a lively discussion starter on the ideas that pervade the gardening industry.

We need a disrupter like John Walker, the earth friendly gardener.

Have You Read ‘Eco Garden’ Yet?

In this book – How to Create An Eco Garden – John has given us a book bursting with ideas for creating an eco garden on any scale. So whether you’re a balcony gardener, or dealing in acres, this book can help your garden become a high impact one in the beauty stakes, a low impact one on the environment.

“Comprehensive, beautifully illustrated, down-to-earth, useful and inspiring.”

The book contains 6 eco garden plans, a plant directory of over 80 of the best species for attracting beneficial insects, 500 colour photographs and illustrations, a handy jobs-to-do-now calendar and how-to advice on every page…

This eco-friendly book is for everyone who wants a beautiful and productive garden that won’t cost the earth.

To learn more about John Walker, the earth friendly gardener, see an interview he gave us previously on the Modern Mint blog…

Earth Friendly Gardener Interview

Otherwise, add this book to the shopping cart now!

(And remember, this book would make a wonderful present too, if you have someone in mind who needs a little garden inspiration!)

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