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Modern Mint have in stock a fantastic collection of books by one of our favourite gardening writers, earth friendly gardener John Walker.

“Cuts right through to the heart of the important issues.”

We have been a fan of John’s writing for awhile now, his voice a lively discussion starter on the ideas that pervade the gardening industry.

We need a disrupter like John Walker, the earth friendly gardener, and in this collection you too can become acquainted with his ideas and advice on gardening.

Have You Read ‘Digging Deep’ 1 & 2 Yet?

In these two books – Digging Deep 1 & 2 – John gets his spade right into the earth, to uncover answers to some of our most pertinent gardening questions. Find out:

Which celebrity gardener had a ‘wobble’ over climate change.

What effect GM crops might have on our gardens and allotments.

Why pesticides need to be consigned to the history books.

How pulling down garden fences can improve biodiversity in our gardens.

And that is just for starters in these cage-rattling essays!

“An intelligent reminder of the joys and responsibilities of gardening.”

Originally part of the popular and long-running ‘Digging Deep’ series in organic Gardening magazine, this two book collection includes the piece ‘Time To Power Down’ which won the Garden Media Guild Environmental Award.

If you want to buy this 2 book collection but already have a copy of one of these books, don’t despair – it is better value buying the two together and the one you already have can be given away to a friend.

These ideas are worth sharing with anyone who loves to garden!

To learn more about John Walker, the earth friendly gardener, see an interview he gave us previously on the Modern Mint blog…

Earth Friendly Gardener Interview

Otherwise, add this book to the shopping cart now!

(And remember, this book would make a wonderful present too, if you have someone in mind who needs a little garden inspiration!)

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