Bee Friendly Bulbs – Narcissus Poeticus

  • Narcissus Poeticus

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Bee friendly bulbs like this daffodil poeticus var. Recurvus are organically farmed and free from pesticides, which means:

They don’t poison the foraging bee!

By planting these bulbs you will help promote bee and insect friendly gardening, which in turn will improve the UK’s landscape.

We know this name is quite a mouthful, so can we just suggest you use the common name ‘Pheasant’s Eye’.

We sell these bulbs in quantities of 10, so if you add 10 to your cart you will be buying 100 bulbs (10 x 10).

The daffodil variety Pheasant’s Eye produces a fragrant white flower, approximately 40cm high.

Bulbs can be ordered now and will be delivered in late October / early November for planting. Click here to learn more about bee friendly bulbs and here to view our full 2016 Organic Bulb Catalogue. 

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