Nunki Weeder

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The Nunki weeder is an ingenious weeding tool. Simply, it is a hand held hoe.

“Thank you for sending me my lovely Nunki a few weeks ago. I loved the kind and simple way it was packed – with bits of wool. I have recommended your site to another friend who will be buying a Nunki from you very soon.”

It has a beech handle and a sharp curved bronze blade, which allows the gardener to scuffle the soil and loosen weed roots in a simple action.

The hooped blade allows the gardener to remove mat-forming weeds such as speedwell and chickweed from close to established plants without damaging them. The sharp edges enable the gardener to tidy up between rows of plants in a swift, sweeping action.

Nunki weeder length: 10ins, 26cm

Width: 2 1/2ins, 6.5cm

Weight: 130g, 4 1/2oz

The Nunki is a wonderful tool, mistaken in the past by people who have seen it as a boot scraper, a boiled egg peeler or even an avocado de-stoner…. an avocado de-stoner? Really? In whose kitchen? Jamie Oliver’s?!!?

It may be an odd-shape, and a perfect gift for the gardener who thinks they have everything, but it works beautifully too. Read more here about the nunki weeder and why we use copper tools…

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