Libra Shovel


The Libra Shovel has a long, slightly bowed ash staff with a rounded end and a wide pointed blade. People who have used this type of spade tell us how much easier it is to use than the conventional spade. The steam-bent ash shaft allows the user to dig and twist the shovel, loosening the soil while keeping an upright posture.

This design and variations of it are also known as the Irish potato spade, the Devon spade, the Lurgan shovel, the Cornish shovel, the Cardigan spade, the Somerset shovel, the Celtic shovel …

Total length: 1.54m, 5 ft

blade max width 27cm, 10 1/2ins

Weight: 2.3kg, 5 lb

The tool head is made of solid bronze (copper with a little bit of tin). Other parts are pure copper, brass and other copper alloys.

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Or take a look at this short and handy guide to the benefits of using copper tools:
  • They don’t rust
  • They have sharp edges
  • They are hardwearing and will last for years
  • The metal is known to deter slugs and snails
  • They slice into the soil and come out clean
  • They are handmade in Austria and Hungary

The tool heads carry a no-quibble, 25-year guarantee (excluding normal wear and tear) and the handles, which are made from European hardwoods, have a two-year guarantee.

They make FANTASTIC gifts!

We hope you feel inspired to try one of our beautiful copper tools. Come and see them for yourself by visiting us at one of our events  or contact us with any questions you may have.

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