Mar 02

Planting For Pollinators

Darren will be presenting a slightly different talk for Harlow Beekeepers, who have requested ideas for planting for pollinators. You can find the meeting and other details here. And the talk will include the following....
  • What plants / shrubs / trees are good for pollinators, both for pollen and nectar sources (maybe comparative yields? ie bees will pollinate apple, but you wont get much honey from it)
  • planting for year round (nearly) forage sources for honey bees
  • aspects of which plants go well in certain spots in gardens, e.g. shady / damp / different soil / etc
  • potentially discussing some farm crops that can be forage as well as ones we would plant in our gardens
  • maybe also what not to have near honey bees - or maybe aspects of what pesticides not to use on your bee friendly plants
  • ...and more!

Time:8:00 pm

Location:Kings Church, Red Willow, Harlow. CM19 5PA