Topiary Hand Shears

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Topiary hand shears are an essential for any gardener. These ones are handmade in Greece, using traditional metalwork skills and are ideal to use for deadheading roses and perennials, topiary, clipping shrubs (lavender clips beautifully), ornamental grasses and much more… you know, have fun finding out.

The blades? They are self-sharpening carbon steel blades and have a low-tension spring for easy use.

We also use these hand shears to edge the grass, cut wire or hessian, slice through too big or too thick stems that we know we probably shouldn’t… these are one of our ‘use ’em and bruise ’em’ tools, they really do get knocked about – but they can handle it, and at this price we don’t mind asking a little more of them safe in the knowledge they haven’t cost the earth.

So there you go – these are not just topiary hand shears, but great for use all around the garden.

(Or maybe even in the house? When we first tried them out, we tested their sharpness on my brother-in-law’s beard. They cut it beautifully. So do be careful, they are exceptionally sharp for shrubs and topiary as well as beard manicuring…!)

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