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We are getting serious about how many plastic pots we use – they are convenient, but non-recyclable, so alternatives must be found. Especially for spring in the vegetable garden… and so we found the Paper Potter, invented by two lovely ladies in Hampshire.

The BIG Paper Potter is used to make biodegradable pots from strips of old newspaper. We love this one for growing sweet peas (or any of the legume family) because it gives the roots a lot more room to grow into.

When we show people how to use it at our markets, they go from incredulity to smiles – it is really easy to use, and the pots you get at the end of it are perfect for seeds and plug plants.

We also love that the Potter makes a wonderful clunking sound when you drop the top part into the bottom part (but then it would, it is well made, using FSC Oak…)

Economical and eco-friendly, what’s also pleasing to note is that many people we meet at the markets already have one – a good invention is a good invention!

Join the wonderful Paper Potter revolution by saying goodbye to plastic. The pots the potter makes are 6.5cm wide and up to 7cm deep. (Or you can also get the little paper potter, if you so desire…)

The Paper Potter comes boxed with instructions.


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