Berry Picker (L)

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The Modern Mint Berry Picker – a tool that halves the harvesting time of berries. The comb separates the berries from their stems, enabling you to pick your fruit much faster (and with a little less mess…!)

Perfect for picking currants, bilberries, blueberries, blaeberries, elderberries, sloes, damsons… you get the idea right?

At the markets we do the Berry Picker is one of the most sought, as well as the most questioned.

“A berry picker? That’s a brilliant idea!” Half the people say…

“Does it work?” ask the other half.

The answer is this – yes, the idea is brilliant, and yes, it does work. We don’t see the berry picker in many shops (which is why we want to offer it to you) but we have been told it can also be bought at Beth Chatto’s garden and nursery. Does it get any better endorsement than that?

Our berry picker is also dishwasher safe (phew…)

The large berry picker measures 22cm long x 14cm wide x 6cm deep.


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